Article • December 27, 2012

The 12 Best of 2012: Day 2

Numbers 9, 8, and 7 on Our Best-Of List Are . . .
Picking our favorite stories of the year isn’t easy. Like children and GIFs, we love them all in their own way. But ask us which sites and apps we’re still regularly using come year’s end, and we’ll tell you these.

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People share (and overshare) a lot of information on Twitter. The best way to digest it all? Ignore it, and wait for this email summary of the previous day’s most popular articles to read at your leisure. »

 8   Checkthis

This tool for creating beautiful, shareable “social posters” provides four templates for four distinct purposes: tell, sell, ask, invite. It’s as easy as writing an email and about 100% cooler. »

 7   The Silent History

There are two sides to the Great American Novel debate. Some say there’s already a couple for every generation. Some say no one’s even come close. What’s not up for debate? This is the first — and definitive — Great American Digital Novel. »