A Thing for Someone

Netted's Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions

Jaw-Dropping Portraits
Nothing says “undying love” like Zombie Couples Portraits. Email ahead to confirm shipping time, and mention Netted for a 20 percent discount.

Four times a year, The Thing will send you a hand-wrapped curio chosen by a rotating cast of artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers.

Set the Mood
For a “joyously unrestrained” Valentine’s, the only fine wine to even consider is the 2005 Canihan Family Exuberance. It’s been hand-picked for Netted from Lot18’s exquisite collection.

Focus Feature
Instead of posters and sticky tack, Luster offers gawk-worthy (yet affordable) photography that’s sure to spruce up every love nest.

Tune In
NPR Valentines are as free and awesome as the station itself. Download and send away.

Catch Their Eye
Toy-sized and shaped like it’s still 1974, the Fuuvi Bee 8mm Style Retro Digital Camera can film up to 100 minutes of memorable moments on cards as big as 16 GB.

Game of Love
iPhone app Kahnoodle challenges couples to beat each other in the game of love. We’ve secured 50 invites (use code NETTED) or sign up here for updates.