Young at Heart

Four Diversions for the Kids

Do kids need a first email account? Do parents need an app to archive all their toddler's scribblings? Probably not. But they're pretty darn useful — not to mention stinking cute.


Within a world of characters like Hoshi the Lion and Zargatron 5000 you'll find two iDevice apps that aim to make drawing an educational experience. »

Your kid's first email account lets him send crafty messages to parent-approved contacts. He can even snap a photo of himself to send to Mom and Dad. »
Agent Piggy

This site uses a fun interface to teach kids the basics on the meaning of money (read: you're not made of it) and the value of a hard day's work (read: doing their chores pays off). »

You're going to run out of space on your refrigerator. No way to stop it. However, you can use this iDevice app to capture masterpieces for posterity and even turn your favorites into keepsakes. »