The 12 Best of 2012: Day 1

Numbers 12, 11, and 10 in Our Best-Of List

Picking our favorite stories of the year isn’t easy. Like children and GIFs, we love them all in their own way. But ask us which sites and apps we’re still regularly using come year’s end, and we’ll tell you these.

• • • • • •

 12   A Better Queue

This tool pairs Rotten Tomatoes rankings with Netflix content to help you make better streaming decisions. It might be the best-named site of the year. »

 11   Outgrow.Me

Most Kickstarter and Indiegogo products are pipedreams, albeit attractive ones. This site collects only the ones that are actually available to purchase right now. »

 10   Bureau of Trade

As far as inspirational figures go, we have Walter Cronkite, Steve Martin, and this daily email. Equal parts current world events, Americana, dry wit, and eBay shopping suggestions, it’s always welcome in our inbox. »