Premium Management

Premium Management

Simplee is Curing Those Health Insurance Blues, Once and for All

Raise your hand if you love dealing with health insurance.

Yay, us too – wait, what? You mean you don’t spend Saturday nights filing claims and calculating deductibles? Then you must not be using Simplee, a website that is attempting to do the impossible: make managing insurance, well, manageable.

Simplee syncs with your health insurance providers (health, vision, dental, etc.) and organizes all your information on a super-clean and easy-to-understand dashboard.

With one look you can track deductibles, download statements, review benefits, and see your entire history. You can even pay bills right from the site — no Xanax-addled conversation with your insurance company required.

Now you can get back to doing whatever it is you crazy kids do on weekends, like managing your finances.

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