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Guide • September 19, 2012

Hearth Warming: Fall Product Guide 2012

12 goodies to ease into a colorful season
  • Amazon Paperwhite

    We admit “curling up with a good Kindle” doesn’t sound as good as “curling up with a good book,” but when the best e-reader adds 62% more pixels and a built-in backlight, consider us smitten.

    Go to Kindle Paperwhite

  • BioLite CampStove

    Taking your tech out into the brisk fall air? Bring this portable campfire. It’s barely bigger than a water bottle but can roast s’mores and boil water in under five minutes – and charge your phone while doing it.

    Go to BioLite CampStove

  • Hardcore Hatchets

    You’ll need kindling for your CampStove. There isn’t an app for that. But there are these beauties, which will make short work of all your kindling needs. Try one in our favorite color, “Zombie Apocalypse.”

    Go to Hardcore Hatchets

  • Netatmo Weather Station

    Keep tabs on the rapidly cooling weather with this personal weather station. The indoor and outdoor modules stream data on temperature, humidity, air quality, and more directly to your Android,  iDevice, or Windows device.

    Go to Netatmo Weather Station

  • Puxxle

    Make time stuck indoors disappear and the rain, rain go away with this combination of pixels, puzzles, and wall stickers. Each square is one piece of the portrait assembled wherever you see fit.

    Go to Puxxle

  • Alarm Dock

    The end of daylight saving time is right around the corner. Couple that with chilly weather and getting out of bed becomes approximately five times harder. At least you won’t mind looking at your alarm clock.

    Go to Alarm Dock

  • Craft Coffee

    The days of iced coffee are over. No matter: Good coffee is meant to be drank warm. Reacclimate your palate with a rotating selection of small-batch roasts from this bean-loving NYC startup.

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  • Master of Malt's Vintage Cocktails

    Need something stronger than coffee? This site stocks a line of preblended vintage cocktails including gin martinis and old fashioneds, all made using top-flight ingredients. Instant warmth.

    Go to Master of Malt’s Vintage Cocktails


  • Logitech Washable Keyboard

    Fall isn’t all campfires and cocktails. It’s also Q4, a.k.a. time to get down and dirty. Luckily, your new keyboard is capable of being submerged in 11 inches of water for a thorough cleaning.

    Go to Logitech Washable Keyboard

  • Click and Grow Smartpots

    Neither green-thumbed nor sure plants would survive your local frost? Throw in some batteries and top off its water tank, and this robogrower will keep your herbs or flower bouquet alive for you.

    Go to Click and Grow Smartpots

  • Pear Square One Training Intelligence System

    You’ll probably exercise less when the weather gets cold. All the more reason to exercise effectively. This biometric system generates tons of real-time data to optimize your workout and whispers it in your ear between tunes from your iPod shuffle.

    Go to Pear Square One Training Intelligence System

  • Simple.TV

    A beloved ritual of ours: scouring the new fall lineup for at least one new must-watch show. This box helps with that. It connects to the Internet to record basic cable shows for free, then stream them to your laptop, iPad, Roku or Apple TV.

    Go to Simple.TV