Back to Work Guide 2012

Improve Your Work Week with 17 Office Gadgets


NuForce Cube

USB ports as well as 3.5 mm in and out jacks are fairly standard for speakers — but even better when the speaker is only the size of your phone and as loud as your stereo.

  1. Speaker Speaker
    NuForce Cube
    USB ports as well as 3.5 mm in and out jacks are fairly standard for speakers — but even better when the speaker is only the size of your phone and as loud as your stereo.
  2. Cable Organizer Cable Organizer
    Cable Organizer
    Fork and Cream Sauce
    Cables strewn haphazardly across desks suggest an utter mess. Wrap them around this removable fork and they'll suggest you have nothing but the finest taste.
  3. Solar Keyboard Solar Keyboard
    Solar Keyboard
    Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard
    Sync to type on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone then switch between them with the press of a button. Plus you don’t even need the sun for recharging — a desk lamp will do.
  4. Pocket Projector Pocket Projector
    Pocket Projector
    HDMI Pocket Projector
    Remember that one time when you showed up to make a presentation but couldn't because the only projector available was broken? Us neither.|CategoryWidget|801143p&catId=L2_TravelElectcs1|L1_Electronics
  5. E-Signatures E-Signatures
    Printing a piece of paper solely for a signature is as big of a waste as the desk space taken up by your fax machine. Try these legally binding digital signatures instead.
  6. iPhone Landline iPhone Landline
    iPhone Landline
    Native Union Moshi Moshi Wireless Handset
    Cell phones are convenient — just not very comfortable. This dock connects to your phone via Bluetooth for the best of both worlds.
  7. Digital Lock Digital Lock
    Digital Lock
    Master Lock dialSpeed
    Need motivation to hit the gym after work? You'll get to play with this digital pad lock, which has a master combination stored online, three guest combinations, and a five-year battery life.
  8. Lunch Bags Lunch Bags
    Lunch Bags
    Anti-Theft Lunch Bags
    Make your food look like it's gone bad to ensure no coworkers "accidentally" eat it. That smell in the office refrigerator, though? Well, it only looks like it's yours.
  9. Key Finder Key Finder
    Key Finder
    Cobra Tag
    Not matter which you've lost, you'll be able to find it: Use your phone to find your keys and your keys to find your phone.
  10. Handpresso Handpresso
    But of course, if you still need that extra jolt in the morning, this unit plugs into your cigarette lighter to brew perfect espressos with the push of a button. Commutes just got fun.
  11. Dyson Table Fan Dyson Table Fan
    Dyson Table Fan
    Dyson Table Fan
    Imagine having a jet engine for your tabletop. This is kind of like that but no one burns up or loses a fortune on jet fuel — just cools way, way down.
  12. Cup Holder Cup Holder
    Cup Holder
    Drinklip Cup Holder
    Few things say speed and efficiency like luxury cars. Bring that same feeling to your desk with a clip-on cup holder. Motoring noises optional.
  13. MacBook Book MacBook Book
    MacBook Book
    It's important to look studious on the job. It's also important that your shiny new PowerBook not get scratched. Here, a solution for both.
  14. Laser Pointer Laser Pointer
    Laser Pointer
    Smart Dot
    Serious presentations require instructions. Preferably from a laser. Plug this into the audio jack of your iPhone and point away.
  15. Sleep Aid Sleep Aid
    Sleep Aid
    "Sorry, boss. I overslept." Never a good way to start the day. This comfortable bracelet wakes you with a non-jarring vibration, which leaves your bed partner fast asleep.
  16. Hidden Bookcase Hidden Bookcase
    Hidden Bookcase
    Hidden Bookcase
    Sometimes proving your worth requires the right evidence, but getting that work done in privacy and in secret. Use this cabinet to hit the books behind a whole bunch of books.
  17. Headphones Headphones
    Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones
    Or if a moving bookcase is out of your price range, try some collapsible headphones with memory foam earcups and closed drivers designed to isolate sound.