17 Apps for a Digital Spring Cleaning

Tidy Up Everything from Files to Closets with These Helpful Tools

Inbox Clutter


Shopilly is an uber-handy tool that extracts all the marketing emails clogging up your inbox and arranges them in a Pinterest-style board for virtual window shopping.

  1. Inbox Clutter Inbox Clutter
    Inbox Clutter
    Shopilly is an uber-handy tool that extracts all the marketing emails clogging up your inbox and arranges them in a Pinterest-style board for virtual window shopping.
  2. Photo Collection Photo Collection
    Photo Collection
    Your digital photo collection spans Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and about five other sites. Trovebox collects all your photos into one big album and stores it in the cloud.
  3. Junk Drawer Junk Drawer
    Junk Drawer
    Old phones taking up space in your junk drawer? Gazelle pays for your used gadgets in the simpliest way possible. It even covers shipping and sends you the box.
  4. Calendar Upgrade Calendar Upgrade
    Calendar Upgrade
    A manageable schedule starts with a clean calendar. Agenda for iPhone, iPad, and Android makes it feel like you’re using a simple paper calendar — one with serious digital prowess.
  5. Attachment Searching Attachment Searching
    Attachment Searching
    10,000 emails and you're supposed to find a photo attachment from two years ago? Try Attachments.me for Gmail, which catalogs everything you've sent and received for lightening quick searching.
  6. Junk Mail Junk Mail
    Junk Mail
    The only thing worse that junk email is junk real mail. PaperKarma for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone allows you to unsubscribe from all forms of physical junk mail by simply taking a picture of it.
  7. Contacts Improvement Contacts Improvement
    Contacts Improvement
    CoBook and Contacts+
    Updating your address book is a time-honored spring cleaning tradition. Luckily, doing so on your phone only requires an app like Cobook (iPhone) or Contacts+ (Android), which turbo boosts your contacts with everything from photos to Twitter handles.
  8. Address Book Update Address Book Update
    Address Book Update
    The easiest way to update your actual address book? Make others do it for you. Postable generates a custom link to send to select friends allowing them to update their entry in your address book.
  9. Computer Cleaner Computer Cleaner
    Computer Cleaner
    CleanMyMac and CleanMyPC
    The great, unspoken mess in your digital life: your computer. These two tools – CleanMyMac2 and  CleanMyPC – automatically and intuitively clean your cache, trash, and other pesky system slowdowns.
  10. Android Booster Android Booster
    Android Booster
    Clean Master
    Android phones get cluttered. It happens. In less than a minute, Clean Master automatically disposes of the app cache, unused files, and your cumbersome search history. It even includes one-tap app uninstallation.
  11. File Managment File Managment
    File Managment
    Can't remember where you put that video of your cousin singing “Born To Run”? Facebook? YouTube? Twitter? Collections is a Mac tool that connects to your social networks and allows you to search them all simultaneously.
  12. To-Do Motivation To-Do Motivation
    To-Do Motivation
    Clearing off your to-do list will take some motivation. Guided by the age-old adage, “Spare the rod, spoil the full-grown adult,” Carrot uses not-so-veiled insults and threats to make sure you achieve your goals.
  13. Family Schedule Family Schedule
    Family Schedule
    Soccer is on Tuesdays at 5, violin is on Thursdays at 4, and karate is… wait, who takes karate again? If you’re a busy parent, make sure you have Cozi, a family planner app that coordinates everyone’s activities.
  14. Closet Cleanout Closet Cleanout
    Closet Cleanout
    LikeTwice and ThredUp
    You can hastily throw unwanted clothes in a trash bag, or you can fill a garment bag from LikeTwice (for women's apparel) or ThredUp (for kids apparel), mail it in for free, and take a cut of the profits when they are sold.
  15. Finance Overview Finance Overview
    Finance Overview
    You get bills for heat, electricity, water, internet, TV, gas, the personal French chef… who can handle all that? PageOnce lets you pay everything right from your app. Then get back to the crème brulee.
  16. Project Management Project Management
    Project Management
    Getting others to work well together usually requires begging, pleading, and bribery. Trello makes delegating and getting things done so easy you can save the donuts for something more important — like your kitchen.
  17. Your Own Butler Your Own Butler
    Your Own Butler
    Want to buy yourself some free time? Winston for iPhone reads you the weather, news, and the day's social media updates while you brush your teeth, eat your breakfast, and commute to work. Who said multitasking was hard?